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March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Aquamarine is a type of beryl crystal. It ranges in color from a pale, pastel blue to a greenish-blue to a deep blue. The intensity of the color increases with the quantity of iron in the crystal. Darker shades of aquamarine are rarer and more valuable. Larger stones tend to have more vivid and intense color. Some stones are heated to high temperatures to enhance the color or clarity. Aquamarine is the most flawless of all crystals. This beautiful crystal is a perfect complement to spring and summer wardrobes. Continue reading

February Birthstone: Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It is a variety of quartz with a beautiful purple color that ranges from a blend of deep violet and red to a lighter lilac hue. Found primarily in Brazil, Uruguay, and Zambia, it is the second-most abundant mineral found in the Earth’s crust.

Amethyst is said to represent courage, inner strength, balance, stability, peace, calmness, and sincerity. It is said to be able to reduce anxiety, stress, anger, and fear in the wearer.

The word amethyst is derived from the Greek word “amethystos,” which means “remedy against drunkenness.” Ancient Greeks believed it protected the wearer from intoxication and allowed them to keep a balanced mindset.

The popularity of the amethyst dates back to 25,000 years ago in France when it was used as a decorative stone by prehistoric humans. At one point in time, amethysts were in such demand that were worth almost as much as diamonds. Amethyst is said to be the stone of Saint Valentine, who wore an amethyst engraved with the image of Cupid, contributing to the belief that amethysts attracted love. It was also the first gem stone to be carved into the shape of a heart. At one time, only royalty could wear amethysts. Cleopatra treasured her amethyst signet ring above all of her other jewels. Egyptians believed it possessed good powers and placed amethysts in the tombs of pharaohs. In the Middle Ages amethysts were used as a medication, used to dispel sleep, sharpen intellect, and protect the wearer from sorcery.

Mythology attributes the origin of the amethyst to Bacchus, the god of wine. As the legend goes, Bacchus was offended by Diana, the goddess of the forest and the hunt, after she rebuffed his advances time and time again. As revenge, he declared that he would unleash his fierce tigers to devour the first maiden whom he met walking through the forest. A maiden, whose name was Amethyst, was on her way to worship on Diana’s shrine and was attacked by the tigers. After pleading to Diana for help, Diana turned her into a pure white gem to save her. Ashamed by his cruelty and misdirected rage, Bacchus poured his most delicious and sought after grape wine over Amethyst, giving the stone its beautiful purple hue.

Express Your Love on Valentine’s Day with a Gift of Jewelry

Christmas may be over, but the gift giving season isn’t. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For many, finding the right gift for this particular holiday is more stressful than shopping for Christmas. But finding the right Valentine’s Day gift for that someone special in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ll never go wrong with jewelry. It’s a classic Valentine’s Day gift that is always a hit.

If you want jewelry that ties into the Valentine’s Day theme, there are a number of great options.

  • Jewelry featuring gemstones in Valentine’s Day hues, such as pink diamonds, pink tourmaline, morganite, pink sapphires, rubies, and garnets, is sure to be treasured.
  • Heart-shaped jewelry, such as pendants, earrings, or bracelets with heart-shaped charms, are ideal for expressing your love on Valentine’s Day.
  • Infinity jewelry, symbolizing never-ending love, is a popular right now and ties in perfectly to Valentine’s Day. Express your never-ending love for your recipient with a pendant, bracelet, earrings, or ring. Add a pop of color with a piece that incorporates gemstones.

There are also lots of great options that don’t adhere to the Valentine’s Day theme.

  • Diamond studs are always a great choice. They’re classic and versatile.
  • Diamonds of any kind are sure to please, whether it’s an elegant diamond pendant or a fabulous tennis bracelet.
  • Personalized jewelry such as an engraved locket, a monogram necklace, or birthstone earrings, adds a personal touch to your gift.
  • Rose gold jewelry is trendy at the moment, especially for watches and rings. Rose gold flatters nearly all skin tones and complements virtually any color.

If you really want to make an impression, consider custom jewelry. The talented jewelry designers at The Diamond World can work with you to create a stunning one-of-a-kind piece that may leave your recipient speechless.

A Valentine’s Day gift of jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank. The Diamond World has beautiful jewelry options to fit every budget.

January Birthstone: Garnet

Garnet is the birthstone for January. Garnet is actually a group of stones that exist in a rainbow of colors, except blue. While red is the most common hue, any of the colors are acceptable to wear as the January birthstone.

The garnet is said to signify eternal friendship, trust, and fidelity. It is also said to protect the wearer during travel and ensure a quick and safe return.

The name for the garnet comes from the Latin word granatus, which means seed. This is due to the fact that garnets resemble pomegranate seeds. Continue reading

Know About the Types of Pearls Before You Choose One

Pearls have always been a classic staple in jewelry. Trendsetters like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn helped immortalize pearls as a fashion mainstay. And that hasn’t changed over time. In fact, pearl jewelry has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. But with all of the various types of pearls to choose from, selecting one can be daunting. Continue reading

Mixed Metals are the Hottest New Trend in Jewelry

Should you wear silver jewelry or gold jewelry? Why not wear both? In the past, the fashion rule has been to select one metal color and wear only that color. Mixing metal colors was a fashion no-no. But recently that rule has been tossed aside as the trend of mixing metal colors has been showing up everywhere from the streets to the runways. Continue reading

Layer Necklaces to Create a New, Unique Look

Layered jewelry has become a hot trend, from stacked rings to mixed bangles. Another popular layered jewelry trend is layering necklaces. Layering necklaces is a great way to combine multiple necklaces into a single, unique look.

There a variety of ways to layer necklaces. Following a few basic steps will help you create a layered style that looks great. Continue reading

Choosing the Best Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

There are many things to consider when selecting jewelry, from how it matches your personal style to how well it matches your wardrobe. But another important factor in selecting flattering jewelry is how well it complements your skin tone.

The first step in finding jewelry that complements your skin tone is to determine whether your skin tone is warm or cool. You can do this by looking at the color of your veins. Continue reading

Selecting Jewelry When You Have Metal Allergies

As many as one in seven people have a metal allergy. This allergy to certain metals can make it difficult to find jewelry that doesn’t cause irritation or allergic reactions. Knowing which metals to avoid and which ones are hypoallergenic can make it easier to find fabulous pieces that won’t irritate your skin. Continue reading

Judging the Quality of Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones make a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Colored gemstones are often chosen for favorite color, fashion trends, or to match wardrobe pieces. Like diamonds, several factors affect the price of colored gemstones. Unlike diamonds, there is no particular order of importance of the criteria. Continue reading