Don't fret if your watch has stopped ticking

The Diamond World's experienced technicians can get it working again.

Watch Repair and Watch Maintenance Services in Kansas City

You don’t realize how much you rely on your watch until it suddenly stops working. If you find yourself in need of watch repairs or have a time piece you want to keep in top working condition, trust the watch technicians at Kansas City jewelry store The Diamond World.

The Diamond World offers a variety of professional watch repair services, including watch battery replacement, watch case repairs, crystal replacement (including plastic, glass, crystal, or synthetic sapphire), seal and gasket replacement, repair or replacement of the watch stem and crown, hand replacement, and more. The Diamond World provides watch repair services on all types and styles of watches, including most brands.

Just like with your health, preventative watch maintenance can extend the life of your watch and improve its performance. The Diamond World’s expert technicians can perform routine cleanings, maintenance, and inspections to keep your watch running at peak performance, including oiling, cleaning, and adjusting the timing of your watch. The Diamond World can also perform watch restorations on watches and other time pieces that may have been neglected or damaged.

If you’re looking to spruce up your watch, The Diamond World can help with that as well. We offer a wide selection of replacement wristbands to choose from. Our expert technicians can also refinish the dial, case, or hands of your watch to give it new life. Have a few minor scratches on your watch crystal? We can easily buff those out for you.

With regular watch maintenance and the occasional watch repair from The Diamond World, you can keep your favorite time piece running great for years to come, but you may have to find a new excuse for being late.

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