Monthly Archives: September 2013

Keep Jewelry Sparkling With Regular Cleaning

You love how your fine jewelry glimmers and sparkles when the light hits it, but over time your jewelry can lose its luster. Dust, dirt, lotions, soap, powders, hair products and more products you use every day can gunk up your jewelry, which keeps it from sparkling like it should. Fortunately regular cleaning and maintenance can keep your jewelry looking like new. Continue reading

Redesign Old Jewelry to Give it New Life

What do you do with jewelry that you don’t wear? Maybe it’s a piece you inherited from a family member that is too old fashioned or just not your style. Maybe it’s a piece you bought a long time ago that was in style at the time but now looks dated. Or maybe it’s a piece you love that has been damaged. Rather than letting it sit and collect dust in the bottom of your jewelry box, why not redesign it into a piece with a fresh look and style that you’ll actually wear? Continue reading