When You Have an Abundance of Gold Pieces That You Never Wear

Get Money for Them with The Diamond World

Sell Your Gold Locally in Kansas City

Don’t send your jewelry away or sell it at a gold party. Recent consumer reports and media investigations have found that these companies consistently pay a lower percentage of the market value than reputable local gold buyers, like The Diamond World, a Kansas City gold dealer.

What to Know Before You Sell Your Gold

The price of gold is constantly fluctuating. This means what you can get sell gold pieces for one day may be different than what you may be able to sell them for the next day. If you shop around for places to sell your gold pieces, be sure to do it on the same day to get accurate comparisons.

The karat weight of your items affects the value. Pure gold is 24 karats. Decreasing karat weight represents a smaller percentage of pure gold, which means it has less value. For Example, 18-karat gold means it is 75% pure gold, while 14-karat gold means it is 58.5% gold. Gold with 10 karats or more is given a karat stamp indicating the karat value.

One thing that does not affect value is the design of the piece. Gold buyers buy gold to refine it and repurpose it, so the appearance of the piece does not matter. Broken pieces have the same value as ones in good condition. If your piece has stones, you will have the option of keeping them or selling them.

One question many people have is how to tell if their piece is real gold. The best way to find out is to bring your piece in and let us authenticate it for you. One trick you can use at home is to put your piece up to a strong magnet. Real gold, silver and platinum will not stick to a magnet.