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Keep Your Fine Jewelry Safe over the Summer

Summer is here and with it comes all of our favorite warm weather activities. While you may love splashing in the pool or lounging in the sand at the beach, your jewelry doesn’t fare as well. Many summer activities can actually be detrimental to your fine jewelry. To help keep your jewelry safe and maintain its sparkle, we’ve compiled a list of summer jewelry care tips: Continue reading

Bring Worn or Damaged Jewelry Back to Life with Jewelry Restoration

Fine jewelry is valuable in more ways than one. Not only does it carry a financial value, but it often carries a sentimental value as well. Your jewelry may represent important events in your life, or maybe it’s an heirloom piece that has been passed down through the generations and is part of your family history. But the physical stress caused by regular wear or improper care can cause jewelry to become damaged or lose its luster. Continue reading

Keep Jewelry Sparkling With Regular Cleaning

You love how your fine jewelry glimmers and sparkles when the light hits it, but over time your jewelry can lose its luster. Dust, dirt, lotions, soap, powders, hair products and more products you use every day can gunk up your jewelry, which keeps it from sparkling like it should. Fortunately regular cleaning and maintenance can keep your jewelry looking like new. Continue reading