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The Four C’s of The Diamonds

  1. Cut - The cut of the diamond affects the amount of light that can enter the stone, which affects its brilliance and how much it sparkles.
  2. Clarity - Clarity refers to the lack of flaws in the diamond. Nearly all diamonds have some tiny imperfections. Those that have few or no imperfections will receive the highest grade.
  3. Color - The color refers to the amount, or lack of, color a diamond has. Diamonds that are clear or colorless receive higher grades than those with a yellow tint.
  4. Carat - This is the weight of the diamond.

The possible combinations of diamond cuts and setting styles are endless. The jewelry designers at The Diamond World will work with you to select a diamond and setting to create the perfect engagement ring for you.

  • Diamond Shape - Round, Princess, Emerald, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Heart, Cushion, and Asscher
  • Setting Style - Solitaire, Three-Stone, Pavé, Channel Set, Shared Prong
  • Setting Metal - Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold

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