Show Mom How Much She Means to You This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. While most people tend to focus on their significant other, there’s one woman that everyone should recognize on Valentine’s Day: Mom. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance. It’s about expressing your love to those people most important in your life. And few people have been more important or influential in your life than your mother.

For years, your mother gushed over the handmade gifts you proudly presented her. She wore the macaroni necklace with pride, she joyfully ate the overcooked pancakes, and she displayed all the glitter-encrusted works of art. Regardless of the gifts, she treasured them because they were all made with love. This year, surprise her with a gift that she will love almost as much as you love her. A gift of jewelry is the perfect way to express to her how much you love and appreciate her and all she has done for you.

Husbands, you can help your children express their love and gratitude to their mother this Valentine’s Day. Bring your kids with you and let them help pick out the perfect jewelry for their mom. Imagine the look of surprise on her face when she opens a stunning gift of jewelry rather than the usual construction paper and doily heart-themed art.

There are endless gift options when it comes to jewelry, from simple and practical to extravagant. Take your mother’s personality and style into consideration. The Diamond World offers the following suggestions:

  • If you want jewelry that’s personal or sentimental, consider mother’s jewelry, such as a ring or necklace customized with the birthstones of each of her children. A charm bracelet with charms representing cherished memories is another option sure to warm her heart. Or consider putting a favorite photo into an engraved locket.
  • If you want to stick with the Valentine’s Day theme, consider jewelry with designs that include hearts, such as pendants, lockets, or charms.
  • If your mom tends to prefer jewelry that is simple and understated, consider a pair of simple gold or silver hoops, a simple pair of diamond stud earrings, or a solitaire pendant. A stylish watch is another thoughtful, yet practical, gift.
  • If you want a more extravagant gift, consider a diamond tennis bracelet, an intricate pendant, or a pair of diamond or gemstone drop earrings.

Whatever you select, Mom is sure to love it and love that you thought of her on this special day. And your gift is sure to get more wear than that macaroni necklace still tucked in the back of her jewelry box.