How to Find the Proper Ring Size

When you’re buying a new ring, whether it’s an engagement ring or just a pretty new bauble, finding the proper size is a critical step. Proper ring sizing is important for comfort and to prevent loss. A ring that is not the correct size is more likely to slip off your finger and get lost.

The first thing to know when determining the correct ring size is that there is no such thing as the perfect fit when it comes to rings. Finger size changes throughout the day. They tend to be puffy first things in the morning, they expand when it’s warm, and they shrink when it’s cold. This means your ring could fit differently throughout the day. The best time of day to size your finger is in the late afternoon. This is when most people’s fingers have settled into their most normal size.

A ring that is the proper size should slide on easily but resist a bit when taking it off. It should require a little effort and take a second or two to remove it. Your ring should be comfortable. With your hand relaxed, check to make sure that your finger doesn’t bulge around the ring. If it does, try a bigger size. Press on the underneath side of the ring. There should be a small air space between your finger and the top of your ring.

Your best bet for finding your accurate ring size is to work with a professional jeweler. While you can download paper ring sizers online, these tend to be very inaccurate. A professional jeweler, like The Diamond World, has sizing rings you can try on. In addition, a jeweler will have the expertise to help you select the proper size based on the style of the ring and your finger shape. When using ring sizers, make sure that the sizer is a similar width to the ring you’re sizing. Narrower bands typically need a smaller size since they take up less finger space. Conversely, wider bands fit tighter and will need a larger size.

Your finger shape and knuckle size will also factor into your ring size. If your finger is largest at the base and tapers without prominent knuckles, the ring should fit snugly at the base without causing bulges. If you have large knuckles, size your ring so that it can fit over the knuckle without being too large around the base of the finger. A ring that fits too loosely around the base of the finger will turn and spin on your hand, especially if it has stones, which can make it top heavy. If your ring has to be a little big to fit over your knuckle, sizing beads can be placed inside the band to prevent spinning.

While these tips can help you determine the right size, they’re only a guide. It really comes down to personal preference and what is most comfortable. Once you have your ring, if you’re concerned that it may need to be resized, wear it for a few days first. You may find that it fits comfortably after you get used to it. While most rings can be resized if needed, there are some rings that cannot be resized, like titanium and tungsten. Eternity rings, rings with designs that go all the way around, are extremely difficult to resize. In these cases, you should make sure you have the correct ring size before purchasing the ring.