Express Your Style and Creativity with Stackable Rings

Why settle for one ring when you can have several? One of the hottest trends in jewelry this year is stacking rings. This trend has been seen everywhere, from celebrities on the red carpet to the glossy pages of fashion magazines.

This popular trend involves layering two or more rings to express your creativity and personal style. One of the best things about stacking rings is that anything goes. You can mix and match metals, finishes, colors, textures, gemstones, and ring sizes and styles. Stackable rings offer exceptional flexibility, enabling the wearer to change and mix them to match any outfit or occasion, from casual to formal. Some ideas for wearing stackable rings include:

  • Select a wider band as the centerpiece and stack narrower bands around it as accents. This same concept can be applied using an engagement ring as the centerpiece ring.
  • Stack rings of various styles made from the same metal or gemstone. For example stack several platinum bands in different styles.
  • Mix bands made from different metals with the same style. For example, sandwich a gold band between two platinum bands that are all the same style.
  • Stack channel set bands that are the same style but with different colored stones.
  • Layer thin, delicate bands with thick, chunky rings.

Stackable rings are available in all price ranges, making it a trend accessible by everyone. Some stackable rings are sold as matched sets, but you can easily create your own set by selecting individual rings that you like.

Transform your stackable rings into something sentimental by selecting rings to commemorate special events, such as anniversaries, milestone birthdays, children’s birthdays, and other special events. Then mix and match your collection to suit your mood, your outfit, or occasion.