Complement Your Low Neckline with the Perfect Necklace

Spring is finally here. Along with shorter hemlines and sandals, spring means lower necklines. Finding the right necklace to complement your low neckline will create the perfect look. The necklaces you wore with your turtlenecks and crewnecks may not look as fabulous with a scoop neck or v-neck top.

A low neckline shows more skin, and therefore needs a necklace that will fill in some of the space on the exposed skin. In general, a lower neckline calls for a shorter necklace that hits above the neckline. Although, some long necklaces can also complement a low neckline. Most importantly, the necklace you select should not compete with the neckline and not fall directly on the neckline.

The type of low neckline you wear will help determine the type of necklace you should select.

Scoop neck: A scoop neck is very versatile and virtually any type of necklace can be worn with it. Chunky statement necklaces work wonderfully with a scoop neck, as does a chunky bib-style, princess length (17 to 19 inches), or pendant necklace. If you wear a pendant, make sure it doesn’t fall right on the neckline.

V-neck: When wearing a v-neck, don’t mix it with a round-shape necklace. Instead, follow the V shape. Pendants are an excellent choice as they pull the necklace into the V shape. Bib-style and y-drop necklaces are also good choices. Avoid chokers. These same guidelines also apply to sweetheart necklines.

Strapless: Like scoop necks, a strapless neckline shows a lot of skin and works well with nearly all styles of necklaces. Chokers and other short necklaces are a great choice, as are drop necklaces.

Square neck: Short necklaces like a choker or a string of pearls work well. Chunky or stacked necklaces add an edgy feel to a square neck.

If your neckline features a lot of detail, avoid wearing a necklace that is chunky or intricate. Instead, skip the necklace or select something simple and delicate so that it does not compete with your neckline.