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Get the Look of Diamonds for Less with Diamond Synthetics and Simulants

While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, they aren’t your wallet’s best friend. Natural diamonds are expensive, especially for larger stones, higher quality, and higher quantities. If you want the bling of diamonds without the price tag, you have two options: synthetic diamonds or diamond simulants. Continue reading

Natural Color Diamonds Offer a Full Spectrum of Dazzling Color Choices

When you think of diamonds, most people automatically think of white diamonds. But diamonds actually come in a rainbow of colors. While many people are familiar with yellow and pink diamonds, there are many more colors to be found. Diamond grading laboratories, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), use a list of 27 different colors of diamonds.

The conditions required to color a diamond naturally occur very seldom, making natural color diamonds, sometimes called fancy color diamonds, extremely rare. For every 10,000 colorless diamonds found, there is only one fancy color diamond. Continue reading

Demand for Black Diamond Jewelry is Growing

Everyone is familiar with the traditional white diamond and most people have seen colored diamonds, such as pink or yellow. But now the black diamond is drawing attention.

The black diamond, also called Carbonado, is a natural polycrystalline that absorbs light rather than refracting it as white diamonds do. As many diamond experts will point out, black diamonds are actually low-grade diamonds that become discolored when carbon in the stone remains uncrystallized, creating the black hue. But low-grade does not necessarily equate to low value. The black diamonds are found only in Brazil and Central Africa, making them extremely rare. With black diamonds, darker hues are considered to be higher quality, and thus worth more. Continue reading

Using a Diamond Broker Offers Several Benefits

Buying a diamond is a significant investment. Using the services of a diamond broker, like The Diamond World, can make the process easier as well as more beneficial. Most people wouldn’t even consider buying a house without using a real estate agent or buying stock without engaging the services of a stock broker, but many people don’t realize this same option exists for purchasing a diamond. Continue reading