Monthly Archives: December 2013

Demand for Black Diamond Jewelry is Growing

Everyone is familiar with the traditional white diamond and most people have seen colored diamonds, such as pink or yellow. But now the black diamond is drawing attention.

The black diamond, also called Carbonado, is a natural polycrystalline that absorbs light rather than refracting it as white diamonds do. As many diamond experts will point out, black diamonds are actually low-grade diamonds that become discolored when carbon in the stone remains uncrystallized, creating the black hue. But low-grade does not necessarily equate to low value. The black diamonds are found only in Brazil and Central Africa, making them extremely rare. With black diamonds, darker hues are considered to be higher quality, and thus worth more. Continue reading

Watches Making a Comeback as Wearable Works of Art

For most people, mobile phones have replaced watches for checking the time. But don’t think watches are going out of style. Watches are making a comeback, but now people are wearing them for fashion rather than function.

Watches are a timeless and classic accessory. They are available in a seemingly endless array of styles, colors, and metals. Watches embellished with diamonds, Swarovski crystals, and other semi-precious and precious stones are popular right now for those wanting a watch with bling. Watches with colors are also hot, making it simple to match them to your outfit or mood. Watches with complex and sophisticated mechanisms are also on the rise, especially among men. Many people have a collection of watches to wear for different occasions. They may have a work watch, an investment watch, a watch for daytime, and a fun watch for the weekends. Continue reading