Protect Your Jewelry from Theft, Loss, and Damage

Whether a piece of jewelry has monetary value, sentimental value, or both, you need to protect your jewelry from theft, loss, and damage. The Diamond World recommends several steps you can take to safeguard your valuables.

Theft is the number one cause of jewelry loss. The majority of jewelry thefts occur when jewelry is visible or accessible to potential thieves.

At home, keep your jewelry in a secure place, such as an in-home safe. Do not store it in an obvious place like a jewelry box or dresser drawer. Those will be the first places thieves will look. Make sure your home is secure. Invest in quality windows, doors, and locks. Consider installing a home security system. Leave lights on or set them to come on with a timer when you’re not home. Keeping your landscaping well maintained will also act as a deterrent to thieves.

When traveling, always carry your jewelry with you. Never put it in checked luggage or into bags that will be handled by someone else. Don’t leave your jewelry unattended in a car or suitcase. In a hotel, always use the in-room safe. Only take the jewelry you will be wearing while traveling.

Take extra care to prevent your jewelry from becoming lost. When you’re not wearing your jewelry, keep it stored in a safe place. Do not leave it sitting around on a table, dresser, or counter. Also, keep jewelry away from sinks and drains. Don’t place your jewelry in your pockets. It could either fall out or end up in the washing machine. When wearing gloves, be careful that your ring doesn’t slip off when you remove your gloves or that the prongs don’t catch on the fabric and cause loss. You should also avoid wearing your jewelry in the water where rings can slide off of slippery fingers unnoticed.

When traveling, follow the same advice as avoiding theft by keeping your jewelry with you or in the in-room safe at all times.

All types of jewelry are susceptible to damage. Taking the right precautions can help prevent damage to your valuable jewelry. Be sure to remove your jewelry before performing manual or physical tasks, such as playing sports, working in the garden, working with machinery, working with heavy equipment, or working with harsh chemicals or cleaning solvents. Basically, avoid any activity where your jewelry could be bumped, chipped, damaged, or lose its shape. Don’t wear your jewelry in pools or spas. The chlorinated water can react with the metals and cause color or structural changes.

Keeping your jewelry properly cleaned can also help protect it. Start by waiting until after you have applied your makeup and styled your hair to put on your jewelry. Cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes, lotions, and other beauty products can cause damage to jewelry or leave a residue. You should clean your jewelry regularly to keep it looking great, but be sure to use cleaning methods that are safe for that particular piece. Different types of jewelry have different cleaning requirements. The Diamond World can advise you on the best cleaning method for your jewelry. In general, warm water and a baby soft toothbrush or a jewelry polishing cloth are safe options. Store your jewelry by placing pieces in separate soft compartments. Storing them together can cause scratches.

Even if you take meticulous care of your jewelry, wear and tear from use can cause damage. Detecting damage and fixing it as soon as possible will give you the best chance of minimizing it. Have your jewelry inspected regularly, at least once a year, to check for loose settings, worn prongs, cracked stones, worn clasps, and other potential problems. If you notice potential damage, bring it to The Diamond World as soon as possible.

Jewelry Insurance
Despite your best efforts, your jewelry could be still be stolen, damaged, or lost. For this reason, it is important to insure your jewelry for these situations. You can purchase a rider to your homeowner’s policy that will cover your jewelry or you can purchase a policy from a company that specializes in jewelry insurance. The Diamond World recommends Jewelers Mutual to our customers. Jewelry insurance can cover a range of situations, including loss, damage, and theft, even while traveling.

The Diamond World recommends that you take photos of your jewelry and keep them, along with current appraisals, separate from your jewelry. These can make the process easier if you need to file a claim. If the unthinkable happens, report claims as soon as possible to your claims adjuster and be sure to get authorization before having jewelry repaired.